San Pancrazio Festival in Taormina

There's nothing like being in Italy to witness a saint festival.  It's particularly hard to miss in the summer as it seems as though there's one being held every other day.  I was in Taormina this summer during the San Pancrazio Festival.  The whole town came out to celebrate.
Townspeople in anticipation
Carrying the statue of San Pancrazio
Here is a video I took of the procession


  1. Many people told us to go to Taormina. It looks incredible. Is that cable car leading up Etna?

  2. I can't recommend Taormina enough. It is far more touristy than Palermo (especially in the summer) but the natural beauty of the place is unbeatable. And there isn't that resentment vibe towards tourists that I've felt in Venice. It's just so beautiful that everyone visits it and for a good reason- even many other Italians. That cable car is actually leading up to Taormina (which is up in the hills) from the beach. If you want to be sold on Taormina's beauty and charm, this video does a great job (if you can get past the cheesy couple)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzADA-TPtiI

  3. I love the way the Italians celebrate their festivals. We happened to be in Modica for the Festa di San Giorgio this year and it was so much fun. Taormina at festa time looks great too

  4. So do I! Wow- I've never been that far south in Sicily? How did you like Modica?

  5. I loved Modica. All the baroque towns in the SE corner are fascinating.. We had a week in the area and it wasn't enough!