Brioche and Opera in Palermo

 This place in Palermo near the waterfront was the first time I saw a waffle/gelato combo on the menu.  It was pretty scrumptious.
The more traditional brioche con gelato 

I highly recommend a tour of the opera house, the Teatro Massimo.  Although I was unable to visit La Scala during my visit to Milan a few years back, this more than made up for it.  It is the third largest opera house in Europe (after the Garnier in Paris and the Vienna staatsoper) and the interior is not only beautiful but perfection in terms of acoustical design.  In the summer months, the Palermo opera moves outdoors to the Teatro della Verdura.  And if you're not a music lover like myself, you should visit the Teatro Massimo for its place in cinema history- the final scenes of the Godfather III were filmed here.


  1. The first time I saw a gelato with brioche I was a bit wary, but it didn't take long to become addicted! I'm missing them so maybe I can use a tour of the Teatro Massimo as a reason to return!

  2. Yes, it's definitely filling, but It is my mom's favorite dessert in Sicily!