The Beautiful Calabrian Town of Scilla

My mom always wanted to visit Calabria so on our way back up from Sicily this summer, we made last minute plans to see the region.  We chose the town of Scilla and we could not have been happier.  We stayed in Le Piccole Grotte Bed and Breakfast, a converted fisherman's cottage in the historic Chianalea district.  The view was unbeatable- I have never stayed in a place that close to the sea before.  Apart from a rowdy wedding party (that mistakenly tried to open our door one night with their key), it was so peaceful to sleep in La Chianalea as the streets are so narrow that only occasional golf carts pass by.  
Fisherman and swordfish statue with Messina, Sicily in the distance
View from bedroom
There is only one main beach to this town and it is rocky but beautiful.  I got stung by a jellyfish which was quite painful but I should not have been surprised because they were everywhere!  As I wasn't swimming with my contacts in, I mistook transparent jellyfish for plastic garbage.  
Right after, swollen
A few days later
La Chianalea
Ruffo Castle and church
Dinner on the beach with lights of Sicily in the distance
Giovanni, who cooked an amazing dinner for us the night before.  During the morning and afternoon, he worked at this cafe, and evenings he cooked in a restaurant on the beach.  He got to work in the teeny tiny kitchen and made us one of the best, freshest meals I have ever enjoyed.  The next morning before we left, we went back to the cafe and he made us our cappucinos.  

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