How to Make a Granita the Traditional Way

While I don't think I ever met a granita I didn't like, there is nothing like enjoying one made the traditional way which seemed to be more common in Palermo than in other parts of Sicily.  Instead of dispensing them out of a machine, these young men in Palermo worked against the heat, quickly chipping away at a large rectangular block of ice.  The consistency is different from many of the machine generated granite; it resembles a snow cone more than a slushy.  There is a definite art to it.
Then they put in the syrup.  This summer, I really became a fan of mandorla, or almond, a true Sicilian flavor.  It is creamy yet refreshing and perfect for the afternoon Palermo heat.
I also loved their portable cart.  It was very colorful and reminded me of the puppet theatres.  You can find granite all over Palermo (and Sicily) but if you can have one made right in front of you, don't pass it up.
Piazza XIII Vittime where the monument dedicated to Mafia victims stands


  1. Granitas sound so easy to make but they never taste as good as they do in Sicily. I'd love one now!!

  2. Yes- they are so good in Sicily!