FRESKO yogurt bar in Athens

Our first morning in Athens, we scrambled to fit as much stuff into the day as possible, before our 6-hour long bus ride to beautiful Lefkada.  That included a breathtaking visit to the Acropolis where despite the crowds, I was left in awe by the ancientness of it all, even more than any ruins I'd encountered in Italy.  I was hungry after the visit, so we stopped at FRESKO yogurt bar, on the backside of the Acropolis (near the New Acropolis Museum).  This cute shop offers several varieties of Greek yogurt (including sheep yogurt), yogurt-blended smoothies, and a plethora of mix-ins. I ended up deciding on a mix of delicious goodies in mine: crumbled biscuit cookies, slivered almonds, and candied bergamot and mandarin.
FRESKO yogurt bar is located at 3 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street in Athens

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