Puget Sound Bite: Little Uncle

In the past, I've done posts on local restaurants, but I thought I would organize them into a new feature I'm calling the Puget Sound Bite.  Forgive me for the cheesy play-on-words going on, but hopefully you can get past that.  The first restaurant I'm featuring is a new obsession of mine: Little Uncle on Capitol Hill.  I've never been a huge fan of Pad Thai (most restaurants don't do it justice) so I usually only have it when I make it myself.  (I learned a great recipe at a cooking class last year.)  After trying Little Uncle last week, I'm happy to declare that this place does the best Pad Thai in the city.  Little Uncle is a tiny shack on Madison Ave. that serves up great "street food" dishes.  The menu is tiny (there's one rotating special) but they do everything really well.  The Pad Thai is a menu mainstay and comes served in a wrapped up brown bag.  You'll get three small bags of peanuts, sugar, and chilies to add on top, according to your liking.  I went two days in a row and can't wait to go back.  (Next thing to try: a braised beef cheeks bun washed down with hibiscus-lime soda.)
A daily special: Little Uncle's twist on phad gra pao (my favorite Thai dish)

Little Uncle is located at 1509 E Madison S in Seattle
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Groot Vlaenderen in Bruges

Groot Vlaenderen is a dark, intimate pre and after-dinner bar in Bruges (just outside the Markt) that does cocktails really well, and at a decent price point.
 A really good margarita
The sleek interior is beautiful and cozy with lots of candlelight and this impressive chandelier.

Groot Vlaenderen is located at Vlamingstraat 94 in Bruges