Puget Sound Bite: The Whale Wins

The Whale Wins just got named by Bon Appetit magazine as one of the best new restaurants in the U.S.  As if it wasn't difficult to get a table at TWW before, I can only imagine what it will be like now.  But that's ok.  Because this restaurant deserves every bit of praise it's getting.  And if you go at 5pm (like I have on the past two occasions), you can bypass all that waiting anyways. Which is important because the food passing by your table will begin to make you impatient for your chance to try. I liken The Whale Wins to a fine indoor picnic.  The food isn't fussy, much of it is room temperature, and their salads are the shining stars on the menu (imho). Please don't leave this restaurant without ordering the roasted carrots and yogurt. And do me a favor and finish off your meal with a slice of their life-changing zucchini bread. The Whale Wins is everything you'd want in a picnic, minus the bugs (and with the addition of great drinks). Can't get much better than that.
their amazing zucchini bread (the trick? they smother it in butter before roasting it)

The Whale Wins is located at 3506 Stone Way N in Seattle
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Le Grenier à Pain Bakery in Paris- Montmartre

During my two years spent in Paris, I came across some fine pastries.  I would often find a bakery where I liked one item, but then the others offerings didn't shine as much.  When I was in town for a visit last year, I stumbled across Le Grenier à Pain in Montmartre.  It's a small individually-owned chain but don't let that fool you- everything I sampled that day was superb.  From the savory tomato and cheese bread to the moist raspberry financier and the madeleine with a hint of orange, my mouth was constantly watering for more.  The sweet women behind the counter were just an added bonus. 

Le Grenier à Pain is located at 38 Rue des Abbesses in the 18th (Paris)


Puget Sound Bite: Delancey

Delancey has been on my list since it opened.  I actually wanted to try it before it opened.  I was always a fan of Molly's Orangette blog and quickly purchased her first book the moment it was released.  Despite all this admiration, it somehow took me around four years to get over to Ballard.  I knew to arrive early because the popularity of this place hasn't subsided and for a good reason.  Their unique pizzas are just what Seattle needed in a city of many good pizza joints.  I'd say Delancey pizzas are three parts New York-style and one part Neapolitan.  I love the crisp crusts and local toppings.  The simplicity of the interior is welcoming and says "stay awhile."  And that cookie.  I don't like chocolate chip cookies normally.  Their salted chocolate chip cookie is life-changing.  Delivered warm and gooey on a plate, I had to order a glass of milk to accompany it.  And it was the perfect ending to a perfect night.  Delancey may be all the way across town but it's one of those places I'll be going back to with people I care about.

Delancey is located at 1415 NW 70th St. in Seattle
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