Puget Sound Bite: Delancey

Delancey has been on my list since it opened.  I actually wanted to try it before it opened.  I was always a fan of Molly's Orangette blog and quickly purchased her first book the moment it was released.  Despite all this admiration, it somehow took me around four years to get over to Ballard.  I knew to arrive early because the popularity of this place hasn't subsided and for a good reason.  Their unique pizzas are just what Seattle needed in a city of many good pizza joints.  I'd say Delancey pizzas are three parts New York-style and one part Neapolitan.  I love the crisp crusts and local toppings.  The simplicity of the interior is welcoming and says "stay awhile."  And that cookie.  I don't like chocolate chip cookies normally.  Their salted chocolate chip cookie is life-changing.  Delivered warm and gooey on a plate, I had to order a glass of milk to accompany it.  And it was the perfect ending to a perfect night.  Delancey may be all the way across town but it's one of those places I'll be going back to with people I care about.

Delancey is located at 1415 NW 70th St. in Seattle
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