M-eating Restaurant in Mykonos

On our last night in Mykonos, A. and I decided to splurge on dinner.  (As good as the 2.50 gyro sandwiches were, it was nice to have a long, sit-down dinner before the nightly festivities.)  We ended up eating at M-eating Restaurant, right smack in the action.  We made a reservation for 10:30pm, and in true Mykonos fashion, we were right on time.  The bartender was really sweet and sent over shots of mastiq.  It was very woodsy and a nice change from the ouzo and tequila we'd been enjoying on the island.  The setting of this restaurant is just divine- we sat on the back garden patio under the trees.  Soft candles glowed all around us and set the tone for our meal to come.  
I had to order this appetizer once I saw that two of my favorite Greek dishes were included: fava puree and tzatziki.  The tzatziki was one of the best I had on the trip- the texture was thick and creamy and it was loaded with garlic.  
I also enjoyed a sea bass filet with couscous that was cooked perfectly, the citrus-infused juices seeping out when I sliced my knife into it.  We lingered over our dinner, before heading out after midnight.  The night was still young in Mykonos, and it was time to celebrate our final night on the island...
M-eating is located at 10 Kalogera str. in Mykonos (town) 

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