Crack Mac and Cheese

Fall is comfort food season.  The cold weather signals the arrival of stews, casseroles, and macaroni and cheese.  Back in college, my roommates and I adhered to the Joy of Cooking recipe, and for a good reason.  It was delicious, not too complicated, and reheated nicely as leftovers.  Last month, I decided to branch out and try a different recipe, using the always trusted Martha Stewart.  I followed Deb's adaptation over on Smitten Kitchen, but made some adjustments myself, including the amount of pasta.  Perhaps we're just pigs in my house, but I doubled the recipe to make it two pounds of pasta, and we still finished it the second day.  (I would say it serves about 10, with the doubling of the noodles.)  The combination of Gruyère and white cheddar is delicious, if not pricey, decadence.  The crispy breadcrumbs on top give an otherwise mushy dish a welcome variety in texture.  I think it shall be referred to as crack mac and cheese from now on.  Recipe here.

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