Pink Flamingo Pizza in Paris

Living in Paris for two years, I often wanted tasty "fast" food, and L'As du Falafel usually did the trick.  On a recent visit back, I got to try out Pink Flamingo, a small chain with several locations including one by the Canal Saint-Martin.  At this location, you can order your pizza, then take a balloon they give you down to the canal and wait for them to deliver it to you, by identifying your balloon.  Since it was winter, we just got it to go and took it back to our apartment, where we enjoyed it under the comfort of modern-day heat.  The pizza is tasty, reasonably priced, and there are some cool flavor options available.  I enjoyed the Aphrodite pizza, which consisted of grilled eggplant marinated in garlic, olive oil, hot pepper, and homemade hummus.

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