Dinner at Piccolo Napoli in Palermo

    Strozzapreti pasta with swordfish, mint, tomato
        Swordfish involtini

Finding this restaurant was a little difficult but it was worth it.  The first thing the jolly man at the front door asked us was whether or not we had a reservation which of course we didn't.  While they were getting a table ready for us, we had time to ogle the fresh fish resting on ice at the front table displaying the night's specialities.  When we were seated we ordered a local Sicilian white wine and decided to start with the pasta with pesce spada (swordfish) and mint.  It was delicious.  In continuing the swordfish theme, we had swordfish involtini to follow.  If you love seafood, you have to check out Piccolo Napoli.  For dessert, we enjoyed fresh peach and watermelon and tried the owner's mother-in-law's cookies supposedly made on her property in the country.  That probably wouldn't fly in the U.S. with health codes and all, but we were glad it worked in Palermo- they were delicious!  
 Peaches and white wine
Fresh watermelon

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