Pizzo & Pizzo in Palermo

On one of our last nights in Palermo, we had just come back from a day-trip and the humidity that greeted us that evening was insane.  We decided on Pizzo e Pizzo for dinner after reading about it.  Tucked away on a peaceful street near the Via della libertà, we took a table in the outdoor dining room which was completely enclosed except for a few windows that were open.  As soon as I sat down I wondered if we would be able to tolerate the heat.  Perspiration dripped down our faces.  The inside of the tiny wine bar was already full and the other outside diners seemed to be surviving.  We decided we could too.  Once they brought us the amazing food along with a crisp white Sicilian wine, we no longer minded the heat.  It was just another night in Palermo.  
Smoked fish, prosciutto, tomatoes, green beans, asparagus, and grilled eggplant
Assortment of cheeses
One of the juiciest lamb steaks I've ever had, amazing rosemary potatoes, grilled vegetables
Pistachio semifreddo with chocolate sauce

Pizzo & Pizzo, Via XII Gennaio, 1/q, 90141, Palermo (PA), tel. 091.601.4544 


  1. This place looks amazing ... thank you for the tip. We are currently in palermo and def. going to check it out!

  2. I'm glad you could find a place- I definitely recommend it!