An Afternoon in Rome

Rome was the first major city that captured my heart, during my first visit over 12 years ago.  I've been fortunate to visit several times since then and never tire of this ancient metropolis.  From walking across the lively Ponte Milvio every night back to the hotel, to eating fried zucchini blossoms and Roman-style pizza al taglio, I love this place.  So this summer when our flight back to the U.S. left at 6am, we decided to come up to Rome a day early from the south.  We took the free shuttle from our airport hotel into the city and made the most of our afternoon and evening there.  I made sure to make a requisite pit-stop at the insanely crowded Trevi fountain, because hey, after all these times, the coin tossing ritual seems to bring me back to this great city.  Here are some of my favorite moments from that day.
 Yes, that's a stroller with two real twin babies and a pet cat happily sandwiched in the middle.
 A simple yet delicious lunch of panini at Aristocampo on via della Piramide, just outside the city center.  We saw other diners eating fresh watermelon and tried to order it for dessert.  The waiter told us the cafe didn't offer it and pointed to a small fruit stall behind us.  After my mother was granted permission, she bought the watermelon, our waiter brought us a knife and plate, and we enjoyed the juicy treat at our table.
Bridge to Trastevere on our way to dinner
Year after year, this never fails to amuse me--the line for the cigarette machine at night near the Ponte Milvio.

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