Pizza in Salerno

One of my favorite things about visiting the relatives in Salerno is the fact that we get to have amazing, multi-course, home-cooked meals in their apartment every night.  But sometimes they go even more out of their way and take us out to dinner which is also always a wonderful experience.  This past summer, A. took us to her brother's pizza place, Palato Fino Club, in the hills of Salerno.  As you know, Campania is famous for its pizza and buffalo mozzarella and while I have yet to eat pizza in Naples, if it's anything like that in Salerno, I know I'll be happy.
Interior of the restaurant
I bought burrata cheese from the cheese shop earlier in the day and they let me open it and devour it in the restaurant.
This was one of the best red wines I have ever had.  While they actually drink beer with their pizza in Italy, we couldn't resist getting this local wine and it went perfectly with our meal.  My mom's cousin P. told us a fun legend how about how this wine is actually linked to the best wines of Roman times.
Delicious panna cotta for dessert


  1. Mmm!!! That all looks so delicious! Makes me want to go to Italy right now and get a pizza! :p

    You have a lovely blog here by the way. I really like that you post so many photos. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. Thank you! I could use a pizza right now too.

  3. I just awoke from my lust coma - those photos, that pizza....help me..