Hotel Villa Schuler in Taormina

This summer marked our first return to Taormina since falling in love with it in 2006.  We stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels that I have ever stayed in, the Hotel Villa Schuler
No attention to detail was missing, from the beautiful stairs leading to the hotel's own private garden to the fish pond to the breathtaking balconies.  This wonderful video shows how lovely the hotel is as well as the beauty of Taormina.  I am so grateful for the wonderful memories we had this summer in my favorite place in the world.
 One of the many highlights of the hotel was the breakfasts on the terrace.  We dined on juicy peaches, German pancakes dusted with sugar, omelets, and a wonderful selection of cheeses and pastries.  We lingered at our table, taking in the drop-off view of the sea and savoring every bite of food while washing it all down with cappuccinos, blood orange juice, and refreshing granitas in fragola and caffe flavors, topped with a generous heaping of whipped cream.
 Soft cheeses like buffalo mozzarella and ricotta
 Cheeses like provolone, meats
Fluffy omelets
 German pancake
Sicilians know how to do breakfast-I had a strawberry granita every morning


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