Paradise in Cefalù

My first (unknowing) exposure to the Sicilian seaside town of Cefalù came in the form of film from one of my all-time favorites, Cinema Paradiso.  A short train ride from Palermo, Cefalù is a popular destination for travelers from around the world, including other Italians.  Although the town can nearly triple in population at summertime, it has a sleepy, quaint quality to it.  The phrase, dolce fare niente has a significant meaning in this blissful paradise where everything moves a little slower.  
The medieval wash house, "U'Ciuni."  The river from the nearby mountains flows through here and into the sea.  According to Greek legend, the water here is actually the tears of a river nymph, crying in remorse after she killed her unfaithful husband.  Until recently, the women of Cefalù used this wash house to do their laundry by hand.  Now, it has been overtaken by tourists looking to cool off in the summer, with its refreshing water temperatures and shade.
Fun wedding photographers who let us turn the camera on them (In front of the Duomo)
Some of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily are to be had in Cefalù


  1. WE love Cefalù but our experience and images we got from that town is very different in the winter time. We have to come back in the summer to take advantage of that incredible beach!!!!

  2. Yes- it is definitely more crowded in summer but you can't deny the beauty! And the beach is wonderful- beautiful sunsets on both nights that we visited!