Thursdays with Fred

{On one of his many blankets}
Fred has a new favorite activity.  There is a bird-feeder on the outside of the TV room window, and lately rats have been coming there at night to steal the food (yes, unfortunately you can never really escape rats when you live near the lake).  Once Fred caught hold of this, his attention has never been more focused to the window.  Now when we're watching our DVR programmed-shows at night, Fred will come in the room start, meowing and sit in his prepared stance, waiting for "Rat TV" to start.  Sometimes we have to tell him it's not showing that night (i.e. there is no bird seed in the feeder to attract the rat).  But once he gets his first glimpse of the rat he becomes extremely antsy and even starts pawing at the window and meowing to be let out (which we completely ignore in regard to his safety).  He really is a character.
{Watching Rat TV}

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