In Bruges

{Window from my favorite cafe, de Medici Sorbetiere}
{The ever-popular bicycle}
The great thing about living in Paris is the accessibility to other great European cities.  One of those is Bruges, Belgium.  I knew a friend who had visited the city about five years ago, but other than that, my exposure to the Belgian medieval town was limited.  That is, until last March, when my younger brother told my mother that we had to go (when she was visiting me in Paris) after he had seen the movie "In Bruges" starring Colin Farrell.  

Not long after, we found ourselves on the wonderful hi-speed train out of Gare du Nord and into Brussels where we connected to Bruges.  We had a wonderful long-weekend stay and we most definitely have plans to go back.
{Waffles from de Medici Sorbetiere, topped with honeydew melon, pineapple, and fresh whipped cream}
{In a candy store}
Where to stay: Hotel Prinsenhof- extremely professional staff, nice rooms (I love that the turndown service includes not only Belgian chocolate but a cute hand-drawn weather forecast for the next few days), a fabulous champagne breakfast, and an adorable hotel dog make this a place I would return to in a heartbeat
Where to eat:  De Stove, a wonderful restaurant run by a sweet husband and wife team (he does the cooking and she mans the front) offers delicious choices like perfectly cooked steak and juicy strawberry desserts- no detail goes unnoticed.
{Dessert from De Stove}
What to do:  If you can stomach it, climb the tower in the square and take in the view (after you make it down, you will see that Colin Farrell's character was 100% right (if not politically incorrect) in the film when he advises against climbing the tower to overweight American tourists.  Rent your own bicycle or take part in a guided tour (We used Pink Bear).  Walk the canals at nightfall.  Visit the church. Indulge in a Belgian specialty of delicious homemade waffles and fresh fruit- I recommend de Medici Sorbetiere, Geldmuntstraat 9, Bruges,
{Hot chocolates in Bruges came with adorable candied chocolates and whipped cream on the side}
Where to party: Bruges doesn't have the nightlife of a bigger cosmopolitan European city, but if you are a beer aficionado (and even if you aren't), you don't want to miss checking out 't Brugs Berrtje- a fabulous pub with over 300 Belgian beers, and 5 on draft.  If you're not a beer fan, try a fun flavor like raspberry-flavored beer.
{Bruges windows, ready for Easter}
What to buy as presents/souvenirs: For your beer-loving friends, there are some touristy shops in the main square where you can purchase (among other things) individual Belgian beer and they all come with fun, unique labels which will serve as a nice reminder of your trip long after the beer is gone.
{View from the tower}


  1. Just wrote about Bruges as well! http://katherinesawma.blogspot.com/

    But I missed that candy store. A reason to go back!


  2. Great pictures from Bruges- it's a lovely city, isn't it? Yes, if you have a sweet tooth like me, finding candy stores around the world is always lots of fun :)