{Peekaboo view of Notre-dame de la garde}
Last March during our trip to Provence, we decided to take a day-trip to Marseille.  It included a walk around the old port, an unexpected but wonderful lunch, wandering the winding streets of Le Panier, and finally a long bumper-to-bumper journey in traffic (reminiscent of Tunisia) back to the autoroute at evening rush hour.  Marseille deserves far more than a simple post such as this, and I hope to be able to return there to see much more of the city.
{Exterior, La Passarelle}
I love nothing more than finding a memorable place to eat while traveling.  Often times it happens when you least expect it.  We discovered the lunch spot, La Passarelle52 Rue Plan Fourmiguier, 07ème, while walking down one of the hills from the Notre-Dame-du-Mont church.  The interior was so unique and fun, and the food was one of the best and freshest meals during our trip.  There is even a vegetable and herb garden on site.  It was definitely a place where locals went during their lunch hour and the servers were charming and friendly.

I loved the bowls and plates the food came on- our server told us the bowls were Moroccan, purchased from a Marseille market.  The Mexican oil tablecloth and colorful cutlery were added delights.  They even had an old record player providing background music.  I highly recommend eating a meal (or two) here if you should ever find yourself in Marseille.  The BBC and Lonely Planet published an interesting mini-guide on Marseille several months after our trip there that mentions La Passarelle as well, so if you don't want to take my word, take theirs.  You won't be disappointed.
{Tarte aux carottes}
{Vegetable soup}
{Mismatched chairs and fun interior of La Passerelle}
Marseille often gets written-off as a gritty city that should be skipped over in favor of France's other tourist destinations but I would highly disagree.  It is not as glamorous as Paris or Cannes but the history, food, and people are what make this city so electric and vibrant.  In many ways it reminded me of another port city, Naples.
{Cathédrale de la Major}
{Port view}
{Door of la Major}

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