Reasons I Love Long Beach, WA

I just came back from Long Beach, WA- one of my favorite road-trip getaways from Seattle...Here are some of my favorite things about this sleepy, coastal town

Doing lap after hair-raising lap on the go-carts
Taking a tour of North America's only kite museum before Long Beach's Annual Kite Festival in August

Walking the trails along the beach and taking in the lush scenery

Catching a peak at wildlife right from your front windshield
Driving your car up and down the sand on the shoreline
Buckets and buckets of salt-water taffy
...and other old-school delights

Quirky signs

Licking your fingers at Burger Nite at the Depot Restaurant (Wednesday nights Oct-May)
Becoming awe-stricken at the rugged coastline in nearby Ilwaco
Enjoying a mountain blackberry or lemon pie ice cream cone from Scooper's as the smell of fresh-baked waffle cones permeates the air

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