Verjus Wine Bar in Paris

When I was living in Paris a few years ago, I was always hearing good things about Hidden Kitchen, an underground supper club.  When my mother came to visit from the States, I made sure to put in a request for a reservation.  Then one day before the dinner, I woke up super sick.  As much as I wanted to go, I knew I couldn't so I emailed them my cancellation.  Hidden Kitchen ended up closing as the couple running it, Braden and Laura, decided to open their own restaurant in Paris.  On a cold winter night this past February, I finally got to stop by and try the Verjus wine bar for dinner.
Celeriac dumplings w/ dan-dan sauce, chives, toasted peanuts
 Buttermilk fried chicken w/napa cabbage slaw and micro greens
 Amazing charred broccoli with crackly Korean rice cake, anchovy, lemon and parm

Verjus wine bar is located at 47 rue Montpensier in Paris in the 1st

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  1. Marinated tomatoes and other veggies are excellent any time of the week