Pearl Couscous Salad with Cherries and Arugula

This summer, we've been having beach picnics at our local park.  We make a simple dinner that is easily transportable and we lug our fold-up chairs down to the shore.  There's nothing quite like eating dinner with the quiet lapping of waves and pinkish sky overhead.  This pearl couscous salad is the perfect picnic food and the ingredients scream summer.  I got the wonderful recipe from The Kitchn but made a few changes, including omitting the celery and walnuts, and substituting fresh cherries instead of dried ones.  The bite from the arugula and the sharp cheese (I used Dubliner Kerrygold) balance out the sweet quality of the cherries and citrus dressing.  We've eaten this salad quite a few times this summer and I expect a few more appearances before we kick off autumn.  Recipe here.

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