Frozen Nectarine Yogurt Pie

You know what's better than pie in the summer?  A no-bake pie.  I found the recipe for a frozen nectarine yogurt pie on one of my favorite websites, The Kitchn.  Unfortunately, this was last winter and not only were nectarines not in season, but I was craving warm baked goods, not frozen desserts.  I mentally bookmarked the recipe and as soon as June swung into action, I bought a bag of fresh nectarines at my nearest grocery store.  This pie is even better than you could imagine (and boy did I daydream about it during those long winter months).  I envision making it throughout the summer--for dinner parties, birthdays, and backyard BBQs.  Apart from baking the graham cracker crust very briefly, this no-bake pie is the perfect dessert for a hot summer day.  You can find the recipe here at The Kitchn.  

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