Farmers Market Fare

Since arriving back in the U.S., there has been nothing more I have been craving than fresh produce like we enjoyed all over Italy.  At my cousins' house in Salerno, they serve pasta with simple side dishes like fresh green beans drizzled with lemon juice and salt.  So one of the first stops we made back home was a visit to two different neighborhood Farmers Market in three days.  Last night I brought Italy back home with us by making fried squash blossoms with a summer filling.  After thoroughly washing the blossoms, we stuffed them with ricotta, mint from the garden, parmigiano reggiano (that we brought back vacuum-packed from Italy), and lemon zest.  We dipped the flowers in a flour, water, and egg mixture before dropping them in the sizzling frying pan.  We also had corn on the cob and roasted tomatoes with jalapeno pepper.  Between the delicious meal and the beautiful evening sky, it was the next best thing to being in Italy!

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