Eating in Manarola, Cinque Terre

My latest trip to Italy included my first visit to Cinque Terre along with some friends.  I was a little reluctant to visit such an overly crowded tourist destination at the beginning of summer since no one likes a place that feels like Disneyland with bad food and servers grouchy from dealing with tourists all day.  Despite the crowds, lackluster food, and tourist shops galore, there was one restaurant in Cinque Terre that stood out.  Towards the end of our hike between the five towns, we stopped in Manarola for a few hours.  After a swim in the cove, we dried off in the sun (no fun carrying towels on a long hike!) and set off for dinner in the hills of Manarola.  Trattoria dal Billy was our destination, and our delicious dinner was accompanied by a gorgeous sunset view on the terrace.

Starting with our appetizer of fish carpaccio caught from the sea below (I wish I could remember what kind of fish), 
 we continued with their homemade pasta with langoustines and tomato & red pepper sauce,
 trofie with pesto, the specialty in Ligura,
 and finished with a delicious lemon semifreddo dusted with powdered sugar for dessert.
 We couldn't complain about our view, either.

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