Puget Sound Bite: Essex Bar in Seattle

Essex is the neighborhood bar I've always wanted- the place to nurse a stiff drink, eat good food, chat with your friendly bartender, or just zone out. It is also, unfortunately, all the way across town, in Ballard. I live in the "boonies" -- of Seattle, that is. The nearest coffee shop requires a hike up one of Seattle's no-joke hills and even then, you're still not there. The only nearby businesses are a car repair shop and a private office space. As much as I love having a quiet escape to come home to, I'm envious of the city's more vibrant neighborhoods. 
Essex is the place to go for those tired of watered-down, overly sweet drinks. Cocktails pack a punch here so I recommend starting slowly. Interesting combinations regularly appear on the menu and I appreciate the fact that the menu is constantly rotating.
The food complements the complex drinks nicely- dishes are simple, with few ingredients and lots of flavor. Currently, an asparagus dish with hazelnut romesco and Pecorino is calling my name. Blistered shishito peppers drizzled in lime juice and salt might be an end-of-summer option. Dessert could be local peaches and yogurt. Whatever's on the seasonal menu, you can bet it'll go well with your craft cocktail. (House-made grapefruit bitters and Fernet are the norm, not the exception.) Essex's website is minimalist at its best, so check out the Facebook page for the latest food and drink updates.

Essex is located at1421 NW 70th St.
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