Globus Department Store in Lausanne

The Globus department store in Lausanne has a splendid grocery section on the lower level. We're talking cheeses you dream of, fresh squeezed juice combinations like orange-pineapple-basil, a vast selection of interesting produce (including the famous chasselas grapes), and a freezer section well-stocked with Movenpick ice cream. It's pretty hard to to complain when you're in these walls.  
Just outside the store is the Brezelkonig pretzel stand. On my trip, I made several meals out of this "snack." The pretzel dough was soft and chewy, studded with flecks of salt, and slathered with Swiss butter on the inside. I found the grison (air-dried beef) pretzel to be the best, though the other fillings were delicious as well.
I was blown away by the quality of the candy here. Not only were these picture-perfect confections gorgeous, but they tasted every bit as good, with hints of rose and the finest sugar dusted on top.

You shouldn't leave Lausanne without stopping here first- many of the foods would make great gifts for friends back home. (I might even suggest attempting to smuggle their cheeses past customs. But don't say who told you to do it.)

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  1. I love the pictures- that candy looks so good!