Urban Deli in Stockholm

I have mixed feelings about Urban Deli. Since our AirBnb apartment was nearby, we came here a few times and found it to be hit-or-miss. Urban Deli is a bright and airy restaurant-cum-grocery store in the hipster Södermalm neighborhood. One of my favorite things to do in a new country is explore local grocery stores and UD didn't disappoint in that arena. On our first night in Stockholm, we were too tired to eat in a restaurant and Urban Deli's expansive grocery section was the perfect solution. They offer top quality products and an array of items from all over the world. I became obsessed with Pastoret yogurt (produced in Spain) and made several nightly trips to refill my supply. Flavors are divine and include lime or rooibos & apricot. I also went to town on Swedish lingonberry ice cream and other dairy treats.  Can I just say that milk tastes even better when it's called mjölk? Strange but true.
 My goodies back at the apartment

The restaurant side of Urban Deli was a bit of a letdown. Our first two times eating there were enjoyable. (One guy working there was so kind with our questions about directions that he tore a map of Stockholm out of a magazine, ran back to the kitchen and came back having taped it together and drawn directions)  Our last visit, the people serving us were unprofessional across the board. I'm not exaggerating when I say it took us 25 minutes to get a menu, and other items requested were never brought to the table.

I can highly recommend the grocery store for unique finds. Visit the restaurant or bar at your own risk.

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