The Greenhouse at Rosendals Trädgård in Stockholm

I'd heard about Rosendals Trädgård while looking up places to visit in Stockholm and added it to my list.  It was just the place to visit after checking out the awesome children's museum, also located on the island of Djurgården. It's a leisurely walk to the back of the island and is worth a visit for the beautiful grounds, though the food was a bit disappointing. We arrived in the afternoon and the buffet was pretty picked-over, so we ended up having tea rather than our intended lunch. You can't go wrong with a kanebullar and the prospect of drinking lingonberry juice was just too good to pass up. (Verdict: tastes just like cranberry.) The interior of the greenhouse was the perfect place to enjoy our snack as the fall sunlight seeped through the huge windows.

Afterwards, we enjoyed walking around and checking out the fall leaves and we were rewarded with a deer sighting as we walked through the island's woods. The magnificent nature all around Stockholm reminded me of my own hometown.

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