Scoops Ice Cream in LA

T. finally took us to Scoops on our last visit in LA.  I think I can safely declare it to be my favorite place for ice cream ever.  (It's not gelato but it's the best frozen treat I've come across.)  I challenge a place to top Scoops for not only the innovative flavors, but the insanely perfect texture and quality of the ice cream.  Theirs is creamy and soft, without being rich and heavy.  And they encourage sampling- by that I mean they have no problem with you trying every flavor on offer.  This is because they change out most of their flavors daily- yes daily.  Some customer favorites like brown bread remain constantly on the menu, but I found myself enjoying other flavors even more.  Even the pizza flavor was satisfying; the only reason I didn't order it was because I couldn't see another flavor pairing with it.
Flavors like pizza, rosemary-olive oil, green tea-jasmine, and brown bread
I couldn't help but spoon some rainbow jimmies on top 

Scoops has two locations in LA:
one at 3400 Overland Ave in the Palms area
and the other at 712 N Heliotrope Dr in the Wilshire Center neighborhood 

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