Bia Bistro in Cohasset, MA

Since my mom grew up on the South Shore of Boston, I've spent considerable time in the area.  For a bunch of small towns, there are a lot of great food opportunities to satisfy even the city folk from Boston, who often come down for dinner.  Bia Bistro in Cohasset is a favorite of mine.  A laid-back Mediterranean-style restaurant, it sits directly in the center of town.  In the summertime, a seat on the front patio is always lovely, but be sure and eat before dusk falls, or you will be forced inside by the mosquitoes as we were one night.
The food at Bia is classic Mediterranean fare-- simple, but wonderfully cooked and with an elegant finish.  On one evening, I enjoyed a perfectly cooked duck accompanied by vegetable risotto and tender carrots. 

Bia Bistro is located at 35 South Main Street in Cohasset, MA 
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