Rijsttafel at Tempo Doeloe in Amsterdam

Appetizers, including prawn crackers

S. and I wanted to eat at an Indonesian-influenced restaurant during our time in Amsterdam.  After a little research, we decided on Tempo Doeloe, not far from Rembrandt Square.  Rachel from our hotel made us a reservation and to our pleasure, all the had available that night was the table in the back by the bar.  What a treat it was!  It was almost like we had our own private room and I had a straight view of the kitchen and all the goings on.  I knew I wanted to order the rijsttafel (rice table in Dutch) which is essentially many small dishes that are to be eaten one at a time (from mild to spiciest) with rice.  S. found a chicken randang item on the menu that called out to him.  It had +++ next to it, meaning very spicy. We thought nothing of it, since we've been raised on spicy food due to our Tunisian heritage, but I suppose we should have known when our Indonesian waiter asked, "Are you sure?" not once, but on two separate occasions before he finally brought the plate out.  It was a zinger- by far the spiciest thing either of us had ever eaten in a restaurant.  While S. later admitted to me that he was suffering the entire meal, he finished the dish, and we now have a story to tell.  I have more respect for him since that night for sure.  I snapped some quick pictures but they are blurry because I took them quickly as not to be a distraction in the small restaurant.
My rijsttafel
The spiciest chicken I've ever tasted
The best cinnamon ice cream and chocolate sauce, mixed fruit, whipped cream
Amazing dessert- mango trio (sorbet, mousse, and fresh) topped with passion fruit

Tempo Doeloe is located at Utrechtsestraat 75 in Amsterdam

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