Al Bahria in Marrakech

Although they now live in Rabat, N.'s mom is originally from Marrakech and we were able to stay in an apartment they own when we went down there to visit.  N.'s mom had told her that we must eat lunch at her favorite fish place in town so we started to walk near the area it was in.  When we couldn't find it, we asked someone and he guided us down the right road and told us we would be able to smell the fresh fish.  He was right.  We followed our noses until we were led to Snack Bar Al Bahria.  The outdoor patio was jam packed with (mostly) hungry Marrakechi and a few tourists and their Lonely Planet guidebooks.  I couldn't quite figure out the "system" to get a table, but eventually we were seated when an outdoor table opened up and we were in for a treat.  We ordered four fish platters that come with all types of seafood including shrimp, calamari, and two types of fish- all simply breaded with a wedge of lemon on the side.  Each order also comes with fragrant yellow rice, salad, olives, and bread.  It's a fun place to sit outside, enjoy some unexpected fresh fish in the desert of all places, and watch the busy happenings going on in the street.

Al Bahria is located on Boulevard Moulay Rachid and the corner of Rue Mauritanie not too far from the train station  (but if you find yourself lost, you can always follow your nose)

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