Pho Binh Restaurant in Seattle


Whenever I'm feeling under the weather, I turn to Asian food.  Sometimes Szechuan, other times spicy chicken teriyaki, and on this occasion pho.  Since it's not spicy, I like to add red pepper flakes to help clear out my cold.  I get my pho at Pho Binh-it's a no-frills place, in fact I've never eat inside the restaurant.  But they're quick, friendly, and efficient- I just call ahead and make my order to-go.  I like to order the chicken pho, then add in all the garnishes, squeeze a lime, spoon a little of the plum sauce, and throw in some spice.  After happily slurping the noodles and broth, I'm always guaranteed to feel better. 

Pho Binh is located at 13310 Lake City Way in Seattle.

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