Bakken Met Passie Bakery in Amsterdam

We stumbled upon this bakery on our way to buy concert tickets at the symphony hall.  What a treat!  I know I say Paris has the best desserts in the world, but Amsterdam's Bakken Met Passie definitely gives bakeries in the city of light a run for their money...
This citroen (lemon) cake was one of the best I've ever had.  It was so moist and zesty...On an entirely random note, I think it's funny how citroen is a brand of a car, yet means lemon in Dutch...wonder how well they drive.
Flour-less chocolate cake, raspberry cupcake

Bakken Met Passie is located at Albert Cuypstraat 51-53 in Amsterdam

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  1. I also did a post on Bakken met Passie recently, it's one of my favorite bakeries in the whole wide world!