Posh Palm Springs

I love the desert.  I love its diversity.  It's not just the sandy Sahara (though I was awestruck by that).  The California desert is beautiful in its own right.  And Palm Springs is a perfect introduction to this part of the state.  The first time I visited was on spring break in college five years ago.  My brother and I somehow thought it was a good idea to do Palm Springs as a day trip from LA.  Twice.  Now, don't get me wrong.  It's not far at all (especially if you avoid rush hour while pushing 80-85 on the CA-60 as I did this last week.  I don't advise that btw).  But it deserves to be savored slowly.  It's the desert after all.  And if you've ever been to a desert climate, you know that life moves a little differently.  For me, that means relaxing at a lovely bed and breakfast.  Sitting by the pool while reading a Swedish mystery.  Venturing out for a hike.  Playing mini golf at night.    
Well, Posh Palm Springs is the perfect place to do all of the above and more.
This was our room.  The owners, Suzy and Mike, completely renovated a gay men's hotel  (Palm Springs has a very large gay and lesbian community) that was falling apart, literally.  I saw the pictures.  It was pretty serious work- everything was in terrible condition.  But they must have seen its potential.
Because they transformed it into this.  Paradise.  
The filthy jacuzzi from the 70's was replaced with this beauty.  Every night, under the cold desert sky, we'd run out here in our robes for a quick soak.  
And every evening at 4pm (5pm in the warmer months), show up at the bar because it's happy hour.  
Suzy and her son will provide you with a new spread every night.  Platters of meat and cheeses.  Homemade artichoke and jalapeno dip.  Fruit.  Iced tea, wine, beer, cocktails.  Take as little or as much as you like.  They'll even get the fire pit started for you.  
Then they show you where the extra wood is since you show no sign of leaving the warmth, bake some fresh chocolate chip cookies and tell you they'll see you in the morning.
And this is what you wake up to.  A delicious buffet of home-cooked goodness.  The first morning, it's an egg omelet, home fries, bacon, yogurt and fruit.  All the coffee, tea, and juice you could ask for.  The second day featured French Toast Casserole.  It was even better than it sounds.  I'll have to share the recipe eventually.
Afternoon moon by the pool
So if you're not sure if the desert is your thing, dip your feet in Posh.  I guarantee you'll be coming back for more.

Posh is located at 530 East Mel Avenue in Palm Springs, just off of N Indian Canyon Drive.

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