Night + Market in LA

When I came down to LA, I knew I wanted to check out the pop-up Thai street food restaurant Night + Market.  Pull behind the curtain at the Talesai restaurant on Sunset, and you're there.  The room is sparsely decorated with a projector playing movies on the side wall.  The food?  Well, I would be tempted to eat here often if I lived in the area.   
Beef jerkey, veggies, egg
Nuoc mam chicken wings w/rooster sauce
My favorite dish of the night (on the dine LA menu)- grilled eggplant salad, boiled shrimp, shallots, lime juice, bird eye 
Pad kee mao
Beef grapow w/fried egg
Fried banana and coconut ice cream
Ice cream sandwich (sticky rice, coconut ice cream sandwiched between 2 rolls)

Night + Market is at 9043 Sunset Blvd. in LA.

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