Healthy Alternatives to Classic SE Asian Dishes

When T. was here this past weekend, he cooked dinner for us one night, incorporating all of the health-conscious ingredients he's grown accustomed to using since becoming a California resident nine years ago. To be honest, we were all skeptical of substitutions for things like rice and chicken, but barring the somewhat disappointing sugar-free dessert (substituted with stevia), the rest of the meal was delicious.  I am now convinced that there really are great alternatives and substitutions to less healthy foods (wheat and meat for example).  I am currently working on rounding up recipes so that you can create your own healthy meal at home.  

{Appetizer tray including roasted red pepper dip, smoked salmon,
cheese, and crackers}

{Gluten-free pad thai with zucchini noodles}

{Vegetarian "chicken" curry}

{Gluten-free cauliflower rice}


{"Banana goes south" dessert}

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