California Sunshine

{Morning homemade smoothie and reading material on patio}

{Potted plants}

I went back to LA for another great trip; this time with even warmer weather (temperatures were in the mid-80s) which really helped my SAD caused by this pathetic NW spring.  (I speak in all seriousness).  We arrived a week ago Friday evening and went straight from the airport to a delicious Indian dinner at Chakra.  The next day I woke up to brilliant sunshine coming in the living room (I was sleeping on the sofa) and I was instantly awakened.  Since T. and S.'s apartment is in a great location, we walked around the corner and had a delicious brunch at Jack 'n Jill's too.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying the rooftop deck, followed by a brief nightmarish interlude involving my left eye getting sprayed with an automatic air freshener and then pouring two bottles of water in it to remove the chemicals.  We concluded our relaxing first day with a great Italian dinner at Allora.  All in all it was a successful start to a wonderful visit.  

{Rooftop deck}

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