Puget Sound Bite: Pestle Rock

Today's featured restaurant is a Thai spot, specializing in Northern Thai food (meaning you won't find any pad thai on this menu).  Fret not, PR offers many other dishes that will have you forgetting all about your standard Thai order.  Pestle Rock is located on the main drag in Ballard and the space is cozy and intimate.  The best part of Pestle Rock is the spice.  All too often, I am disappointed by restaurants claiming 5-star spice dishes only for them to barely contain a chili pepper.  Pestle Rock doesn't dumb down the spice factor, so if a dish has 3 stars next to it on the menu (that's as high as their scale goes), you'd better believe it will make you reach for your water.  Pestle Rock's prices run higher than your average Thai joint but their effort to use quality meat and seafood pays off.  You can't go wrong with the daily specials- one of my favorites featured Thai eggplant and green peppercorns. Depending on who your server is, you might have difficulty communicating so be sure you clearly order your food.  I recommend saving room for dessert as their sweet pan-fried roti is the perfect way to finish off a spicy meal. 

Pestle Rock is located at 2305 NW Market St. in Seattle
Pestle Rock Isan Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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