Bizzarro Italian Cafe in Seattle

Can I just say I've found my new go-to restaurant?  The kind of place I'll take people from out of town to?  It's Bizzarro Cafe in Wallingford.  It's a quirky, cozy restaurant that features Italian-American cuisine with a Seattle twist.  I say that because there's elk bolognese on the menu, bicycles and pom-poms hanging from the ceiling, an old-fashioned radio listing hobo names in the women's restroom, and a warning sign at the entry stating a cell-phone surcharge.  (So will you excuse the blurry cell-phone photos? I tried to be quick.)  It fits in the neighborhood perfectly.    
Much of their pasta is made in-house (this one was not), but I ordered it because it was the special and it was heaven.  Prawn fettucine in the most refreshing white wine, garlic, and butter sauce and tossed with mama lil's peppers- they were amazing.  Can you taste something that was cooked with love and care?  I think so.  Because that's what every bite tastes like at Bizzarro.
Molly Moon's ice cream for dessert- Girl Scout cookie flavor

Bizzarro Cafe is located at 1307 N 46th Street in Seattle

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