Roasted butternut squash with sweet spices, lime, and habanero

Sometimes I make something from a cookbook and it becomes my new favorite dish, a crowd-pleaser at a dinner party, and something I'll store in my recipe archives for a lifetime.  (i.e. anything Ina Garten).  Other times, I am not as fortunate.  The other day I was browsing the cookbooks at Costco and came across Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty.  The pictures looked lovely and I ended up looking some of his recipes online when I got home.  I decided to make his roasted butternut squash dish and substituted the green chiles with habanero pepper. The dish came out very beautiful-looking but it didn't wow me in the taste department.  I think there are a few too many flavors going on and none of the ingredients really complement one another.  Perhaps the measurement conversions listed on the recipe I followed weren't accurate.  The cardamom was on the overpowering side and so were the limes, so I couldn't enjoy the natural flavor of the squash.  That being said, it is a nice vegetarian option and after a little tweaking in the ingredient and measurement departments, I think you could have something good on your hands.  Back to the test kitchen I go!

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