Quick Trip to LA

When I noticed a three-day break in my work schedule, I ran to the computer and snatched up a decent fare off of Virgin America's website. We booked a hotel T. told us about just off of Doheney Drive in Beverly Hills. Since this was my sixth or seventh trip to LA, I wanted to see some of the sights we had never seen before. First stop: Getty Museum. We wandered around the beautiful courtyard since it was a sunny (warm) late January day. Lunch at the museum's restaurant provided a filling (albeit overly rich and creamy) meal with a spectacular setting. We spent most of our time in the beautiful gardens, topping off our visit to the Impressionist Room continuing our quest from France.

Other fun moments this trip:
-Hike up Runyon Canyon (amazing view, great workout, fun people-watching)
-Yummy weekday sidewalk "brunch" at BluJam Cafe
-Crashing a Hawaiian-themed tech (read: nerd) party complete with Tiki-torches at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica after a lackluster Happy Hour at the hotel's restaurant FIG

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